About Us

A Few words about us



      • At Kids Castle School in Patna, Bihar. We promote learning through play in an exciting, creative and fun environment.

        We researched into the realm of Preschool education and realized that most brands weren't able to provide a resourceful and effective platform that was necessary to ascertain and develop the inherent but undeveloped talent that was hidden within each child. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a Pre-primary education system that will be capable of assessing and developing the academic, physical, emotional and cognitive skills of a child.

        We envision, nurture, develop, and enable today's children as tomorrow's leaders. We prepare your child for future.

        OUR AIM

        Kids Castle School aims to provide a wide and varied learning environment with opportunities to explore, discover and build all the skills needed to prepare for the next step of learning.

        Provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment where your child can develop academically, spiritually and personally.

        To develop your child's skills, confidence and self-esteem through play focused activities, dance, drama and music ensuring that their transition into the foundation (primary school) is enjoyable and rewarding.

        To encourage kindness, consideration, tolerance and cooperation and to build an understanding of right and wrong behaviour.

        To work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of each child and support you with any difficulties that may arise.


        Observation, Assessment and Planning

        Every child has an individual identity, with a unique profile of abilities. We follow the schedules and routines with the child’s need. All planning starts with the observation of children’s in order to understand and consider their current interest development and learning.  At Kids Castle School we follow the same pattern planning.

        Observe, Analyze and then Plan what we found out about the children so that we plan for the best steps in their learning. Each child learning is recorded in our ‘Learning Progress Book’ file which we share with parents to know the development of their child. Every child learning takes a personal path based on their individual interest, experience and educational program we offer.

        We access how your child is learning by observing them frequently. We use information gained from videos and photographs to document their progress and where they may lead to. We believe that parents know the best about their kids and we ask them to contribute to the assessment by how they are doing at home and as parents how are they supporting them.

        A narrative observation is sent out to parents in every three months which gives an opportunity to share the experience and observation of development in their child. As per the suggestions and observation, we plan the framework for activities that are achievable and enjoyable by children.

        Learning Progress Book

        We keep a folder called ‘Learning Progress book’. The engagement of your child every week in creating or learning will be maintained to see the progress.

        • Starting points information - from parents, detailing what the child can and cannot do;
        • Copy of Development Matters document for the child’s age and stage overlapping ages where appropriate
        • Initial observations and settling in notes
        • Ongoing observations and assessments
        • Next steps / individual planning. The updated children’s learning journey files at least every week which includes photos, observations, planning, copies of children’s work etc. to the parents. It is really important that you prioritise them.

        All About Me

        All parents are asked to completely fill the booklet called ‘All about me’ which provides detailed information about your child which will help us understand them better. Information about their activities, their eating habit, pets they like, information about the family member they love to be with, friends they play with, or any health-related issues all go a long way to help settle your child in their comfort zone.

        Our Teachers

        At our organization, we ensure you for experienced and trained teachers who are highly qualified in their educations. These experienced teachers help us in our early year foundation stage program. We have a guidance of an expert in the teaching of 29 years.

        • By giving time and attention to each child
        • Talk with the children about their interests and activities
        • Help children to experience and benefit  from the activities we provide at school
        • Allow the children explore and adventurous with safety

        Be Involved

        Joining of parents helps us a lot. So we believe that when you get involved by sharing the child interest we can work better for their development. Our staffs work as partners with you for your child educational development. All parents are regarded as members who have right to participate. These include right to be:

        • Valued and respected
        • Kept informed
        • Consulted
        • Involved
        • And included at all level.
        • We hope that your child enjoys being a part of our organisation.

        Build trust by watching live

        Feel confident by sending your child to Kids Castle School, as we are providing you webcam access through which you can view your child at any moment. This will allow you to watch your child learning, playing and interacting with other children which will give you a peaceful mind and build a strong trust with us.  

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